Bicoflex M2 - electric adjustable bed base

Bico-flex® slat bases exceed all your expectations when it comes to design and comfort.

adjustable bed base with lumbar support

Bico-flex - premium slat base swiss made

The all-rounder.

 bico-flex® exceeds all your expectations when it comes to design and comfort. The silver anodised aluminium frame, the Hytrel® spring elements in timeless white and whitewashed beech wood sprung slats give the bed a particularly special look. Thanks to the numerous setting options, you can experience holistic relaxation for the whole body. The original with yellow slats since 1972.


  • The classic bico-flex® frame with its 2 drives gives you the option of positioning your body in such a way that you can sleep and work comfortably.
  • Cable-free remote control provides easy and convenient operation using four programmable preset buttons and a practical torch function.
  • The especially low-noise machines are fully insulated and ensure a quiet night.
  • Practical low level lighting can be controlled directly using the wireless transmitter for subdued lighting.
  • A mains cut off switch ensures protection against electromagnetic fields. In the event of a power outage, battery-operated emergency lowering is available. 


Enjoy an electric adjustable bed

 M2 model with 2 drives

  • Individually upper body and knee/foot section adjustability by electric function
  • Manual head elevation for reading position
  • Includes a mattress stopper
  • Floor clearance for drives: 12 cm
  • Overall height: 11.5 cm

 Various positions for better sleep, reading or watching TV, medical indications or just for relaxation also during the day.


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