Swingflex 0 - non-adjustable bed base

Swingflex slat bases offer high value and best bed comfort for reasonable value

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Swingflex solid slat bases - swiss made


Swing-flex® combines functionality with aesthetics in an optimal manner. The modern, plastic-coated laminated wood frame impresses with its attractive design. The 7-layer bonded beech wood sprung slats have a revolutionary cross section. Your lumbar spine region is ideally supported due to the lumbar sliders that can be adjusted individually. Thanks to the special shoulder comfort zone and the adjustable middle zone reinforcement, you can enjoy an even higher level of comfort.   


  • The tried and tested Swing-flex® frame is equipped with simple to adjust areas.
  • Thanks to the lumbar slider, you will have additional support in the region of the lumbar spine.
  • Enjoy more comfort due to a special shoulder zone.
  • Individually adjustable middle zone reinforcement – precisely to your requirements.
  • 100% flexible surface

     advantages of the slat base                           





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Model 0 with no adjustable function

  • Frame with no adjustable options
  • Total height 10.5 cm