DaunaLuxe Superlight Duvet made from special high fill power goose down

Down Duvet recommended for heavy sweating. Transports the moisture from sweating away and ensures restorative nights of sleep.

Enjoy the coziness of a down duvet


  • The filling, made from special high fill power goose down, ensures a particularly cosy feeling.
  • The delicate cotton batiste provides you with an especially high level of comfort and even more snugness.
  • Optimal moisture and temperature regulation ensures an optimal dry environment whilst you sleep.
  • Thanks to the innovative square quilting, the filling cannot slip and ensures that the duvet is easy to care for.


      160 x 210 cm

      160 x 240 cm

      200 x 210 cm

      240 x 240 cm




Duvet recommended for heavy sweating

 DaunaLuxe Superlight Duvet

Recommended for heavy sweating: The featherweight, comfy and cosy down duvet with a fill quantity of only 250 g, with square closed quilting, which prevents the filling from slipping, transports the moisture from heavy sweating away from the body and ensures restorative nights of sleep. Filled with special high fill power goose down, covered with a delicate Swiss cotton batiste.


  • 90% new, pure, European, goose down, white, 10% fine feathers.
  • 160/210 = 250 g 160/240 = 290 g
  • 200/210 = 310 g 240/240 = 430 g


  • 100% cotton, delicate batiste with diagonal quilting

Care instructions

  • All duvets are washable at up to 60°C and should be dried in a tumble dryer.  Wash only with special detergent with adequate Ph for downs.