ErgoLuxe® Select mattress

Orthopedic mattress with revolutionary relief of pressure, supports muscle relaxation whilst you sleep.

With this mattress your spine gets optimal regeneration

For excellent regeneration and gentle sleep comfort.

  • Your back and joints are revived by the anatomical relief in the best possible manner, whilst zoning of the surfaces ensures a comfortable snugness.
  • Your spine undergoes optimal regeneration due to perfect balancing.
  • The revolutionary relief of pressure supports muscle relaxation whilst you sleep.
  • You will also enjoy especially cosy comfort with the supersoft topper.



Available in three firmness options: Soft, Medium and Dura, according to body weight



Mattress with anatomical relief


  • Mattress surface made from EvoPoreHRC foam with embedded zones of visco-elastic foam
  • Shoulder relief zone
  • Lumbar support zone
  • Pelvic comfort zone
  • Ergonomically-shaped middle section with EvoPoreHRC
  • Supportive base core made from EvoPoreHRC foam

"BICO R2" overlay/cover system

  • Particularly soft topper with Matralan Flex made from pure Swiss sheep's wool and 2 cm Hypersoft quilted foam
  • Cover made from Tencel®/polyester fibre and Sensity™ for best protection against mites, washable at 60°C
  • Two zips running all the way around for easy removal of the cover and bottom as well as a quilted border to combine conveniently with upholstered or box spring beds

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