VitaLuxe® Select mattress

Premium Mattress for peak performance and soft comfort every day.

Premium mattress with innovative relief and support modules

For peak performance and soft comfort every day.

  • Innovative relief and support modules ensure optimal regeneration of your spine.
  • Thanks to the special shoulder zone, you feel restorative alleviation of tension in the neck and shoulder region.
  • Your lumbar spine is perfectly supported with the raised lumbar zone.
  • Deep longitudinal and transverse cut sections support your body with perfect point elasticity.
  • And you can complete the sleep experience excellently with the extra-soft topper.

Relief and support modules (RSM)

  • Dynamic body relief thanks to progressive modules
  • Precise support of body areas
  • Extremely compressible and durable material composition
  • High quality and durability due to EvoPoreHRC foam


Available in three firmness options: Soft, Medium and Dura, according to body weight



Mattress with active lumbar support

Sizes and Prices Structure/core

  • Sensitive relief module made from EvoPoreHRC and Visco foam in the shoulder zone
  • Active lumbar support made from EvoPoreHRC foam
  • Innovative relief and support modules (ESM) made from EvoPoreHRC and Visco foam in the pelvic region
  • Special inserts for custom relief in the head, leg and ankle region
  • Pressure-distributing middle layer made from special EvoPoreHRC foam
  • Longitudinally and transversely ventilated cover layer made from EvoPoreHRC foam

"BICO R2" overlay/cover system

  • Particularly soft topper with Matralan Flex made from pure Swiss sheep's wool and 2 cm Hypersoft quilted foam
  • Cover made from Tencel®/polyester fibre and Sensity™ for best protection against mites, washable at 60°C
  • Two zips running all the way around for easy removal of the cover and bottom as well as a quilted border to combine conveniently with upholstered or box spring beds

Sizes and Prices