VitaLuxe® Pillow

Ergonomic pillow of Visco-Elastic and High-tec natural fiber filling

VitaLuxe Ergonomic Pillow


  • The specially-developed VitaLuxe® pillow is suitable for all sleep types and relieves the pressure in your neck area perfectly.
  • The visco-elastic foam and EvoPoreHRC inserts ensure optimal support for your head.
  • A special recess zone is incorporated on both sides for your own individual sleep position. Thanks to transverse ventilation channels in the core and the innovative Tencel® technology in the cover, you are guaranteed an ideal bed climate.
  • Due to the customary 50/70 cm shape, you have a choice of a wide range of pillow cases. The two design heights of 9 and 11 cm are perfectly suited to all anatomical differences.

Size: 50x70 cm

Visco elastic foam pillow


  • High-quality delicate satin fabric made from 100% Tencel®, white colour.


  • Visco-elastic foam ergonomically profiled with two integrated EvoPoreHRC support modules. Design heights of 9 and 11 cm.


  • 100% Tencel® fleece made from natural wood

Care instructions

  • The pillow cover (without core) is washable at up to 60°C and should be air dried.