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BICO of Switzerland

It was Meinrad Birchler who set the foundations for Bico of Switzerland in 1861. The Swiss entrepreneur started a small firm that was specialized in transforming sheep wool to layers that could be used as premium filling material for handcrafted mattresses and other upholstered furniture. During 100 years this business continued and grew in the hands of 2 more generations of the same family.
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In 1961 the young grandchildren Herbert and Manfred developed their grandfather’s business and built a small factory dedicated to produce mattresses – the name Bico (an abbreviation of Birchler & Company) was born and started to conquer the Swiss mattress market during the growing economies of sixties and the seventies.
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In 1972 the new factory was built in Schänis where Bico is still located today. With a combination of business experience, innovation skills and smart marketing the company grew to its number one position in the Swiss market that the company still owns today with a market share of over 25%. Today Bico is a member of Hilding Anders, the biggest bedding group in Europe.
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Every day the team of Bico contributes to a better quality of sleep, providing products of highest quality and functionality, offering product features that go along with the individual needs of their customers. Swiss Sleep System helps bringing Bico’s outstanding products to English speaking markets such as USA, Canada and the UK.
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