Bico’s SleepLab is a globally unique test facility that allows to qualify mattresses and beds according to an equally unique methodology – all invented and developed by the Bico team in Switzerland in cooperation with the AEH institute in Zurich (Swiss Institute for Work medicine, ergonomics and hygiene). The project has been endorsed and supported by the Hilding Anders Group.

And what's in it for you?

The test results are transformed into a product profile that allows you to recognize the benefits of your future mattress or bed. So the SleepLab helps you in providing orientation on what mattress or what bed you may want to choose considering your individual needs.

To find out YOUR needs, visit Swiss Sleep System’s BedFinder. Our experts will take a deep look at your individual sleep profile and match it with the above mentioned product profile. This is the first step towards discovering the right mattress for you.


What is tested?

In 2010 Bico developed a solid validation system that helps evaluate all the dimensions that make up good night's sleep. Bico's deep dive analysis lead to the conclusion, that certain criteria of a bed system significantly influence the quality level of an individual's sleep.

Four quality dimensions were identified and now form the foundation of the good night’s SleepLab:


Balance between Body Support
and Pressure Relief


No dust-mites; washable
covers; no odors

Bed Climate

Warm and dry,
no sweating


No sagging;
durable for 10 years


Products that achieve highest quality scores in all 4 dimensions are certified with the approval of the Supervisor of the Swiss Institute for Ergonomics and Hygiene. Those mattresses offer an overall quality that positions them at a premium level. Pay attention to this label when exploring the Bico products for your personal selection.


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