The bico-flex® slat base exceeds all your expectations in terms of design and comfort. The frame is made of silver anodised aluminium with Hytrel®spring elements in timeless white and the whitewashed beechwood slats. Thanks to the various adjustment options, you will experience holistic bodily recovery. The Original with the yellow slat since 1972.
Mattress awarded

  1. Revolutionary shoulder comfort zone: gentle lying comfort in the shoulder area due to lowered wooden slat with comfort foam structure. Covered with shapely and breathable 3D textile fabric.
  2. Newly developed centre zone adjustment: support level can be regulated in the pelvic area with the easy-to-operate tilt levers. 
    The four pairs of spring bars can be adjusted to meet your personal requirements.
  3. Special lordosis adjustment: easily adjustment of the support level in the lordosis area using top-mounted control elements. Three levels of strength can be selected for the optimal support of your lumbar vertebrae.
  4. Suspension: The core element of the bico-flex® is the so-called C-suspension system (slats), which enables flexible positioning of the body in any sleeping position. Each slat with movements up to 3 cm is made of fatigue-free Hytrel® plastic and ensures maximum durability over many years.

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