About us

In 1998 Roman Jann, an investigative internationally active Swiss Lawyer and entrepreneur was seeking a solution for his painful back problems and to avoid further surgery. He focused on the best possible bed and imported his electric Swiss bed to Costa Rica, where he lived. His immediate relief became obvious to friends and family who also wanted such a bed. That was the birth of the Swiss Sleep System idea, to provide each person the best possible rest and battery recharge by selecting the appropriate bed from a huge number of different possibilities. Since then Roman applies his methodology and provides services and sales of personalized beds through his Sleep Center Confort Suizo in Costa Rica, Bedmed in Switzerland and Swiss Sleep System in all other English speaking countries.

The Team

Roman Jann, founder and owner

As spiritus rector of Swiss Sleep System and several other entrepreneurial activities he remains active beyond his retiring age, in Switzerland, the USA and Costa Rica.

Sleep Experts / Customer Service

Experienced sleep experts connect your requirements with accurate functions in mattresses and bed systems of the number one premium bedding brand Bico of Switzerland  and find the best bed for you. You will get your quote within 36 hours and our Customer Service is taking care together with UPS that your new bed finds its way from the factory to your home - fast and safe.

Vilma Calvo, Inbound Marketing Expert

Originally an economist at Universidad de Costa Rica she shared right from the beginning her husband’s Roman Jann’s aim to provide people the best possible sleep equipment. Over the years she contributed substantially and in manifold ways to the success of the business.

The way we work

Sustainable customer satisfaction by selecting and recommending the right mattress that will meet YOUR needs, is our most important ambition. 

But how is that possible without trying products in a store?

Bico of Switzerland offers a broad range of products with specific functions and properties covering the three major dimensions for a good bed system: Ergonomics, bed climate and hygiene. We compare your individual sleep profile and match it with our product profiles using those three distinct criteria. It is our unique assessing methodology called "BedFinder" combined with the personal expertise reflected in our recommendation that ultimately leads to the best selection for you.

The 100% satisfaction ratio and the positive experience of our customers deliver proof that this is a preferable way to find the right mattress compared to the usual "shopping mall" consumer experience: Visiting a store often means experiencing a lack of expertise and consultation but instead being "sold" via technical product features or price points. The criteria the Swiss Sleep System methodology covers are difficult to evaluate for a lay salesperson in a fast paced shopping mall. So go the Swiss way and start the journey. Discover the best bed for you by visiting our BedFinder now.

The way we proceed your order

From the Swiss factory directly to your home

We do everything to safeguard your budget and to keep the total cost for your purchase as low as possible. So we've made the buying experience simple and efficient. We don't work with expensive retail structures but with online consultation and door-to-door supply from the factory in Switzerland direct to your bedroom. Our price policy is fair and transparent: We apply the official Swiss Retail prices with a 10% export discount. The discount goes towards the cost for transportation.

How it works
  1. Data input in Bed Finder
  2. Data analysis. Sleep profile, recommendation quote. 
  3. Order Processing (invoice, payment, order to factory)
  4. Production at Bico factory.
  5. The product is delivered to the customer.