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August 9

As I had pointed out in one of my previous blogs about the sleep pyramid, good sleep quality is not just about mattresses and bed rooms - nutrition is also an important element when it comes to perfect sleep. Needless to mention that you should not consume well known sleepkillers such as coffee, alcohol or heavy food less than 2-3 hours before going to bed. What might be new for you: There is even food that may help to improve your sleep - and unlike most healthy things it's even tasting fine!

walnut and milk.jpg

Milk and walnuts contain minerals and hormones that support good sleep...

There are two hormones which take an important role when it comes to the right level of fatigue and falling asleep easily: It is Melatonin and Serotonin. And the minerals magnesium and calcium have a great relaxing impact on your muscular and your nervous system - exactly what it needs to get this sense of urge to do nothing but rest. All those elements can be found in relevant content in some nice foods as listed below:

It's good to rest when the muscles get in passive mode since also your physical body should make a break. Bananas have a high content of magnesium which is providing a relaxing effect on your muscles and reduces the urge to move. 

Sour cherries
If you take their juice or eat the fruits or even both of them, the sour cherry is an excellent source of Melatonin and is supporting your fatigue in the evening and helps to sleep through the night.

Also calcium which is an important element in milk, is supporting the relaxation of your body and supports the calmness you need to find your sleep.

The content of Melatonin which is in the walnuts, can be absorbed by your bod very easily from this nut. A handfull of walnuts increase the level of melatonin in your body at the triple of the average content. Your sleep will be grateful for this. 


4 helpers to easily fall asleep and to get a good rest can be combined in a wonderful and light evening dessert...

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