For the “Susten” collection, which was also created by Björn Ischi, we use thermally fortified Swiss virgin sheep’s wool in the headpieces. The result is a unique, sustainable design and a healthy climate. This led to recognition at the Iconic Awards 2020, in the Innovative Interior category. The exclusive natural materials support noise insulation and thus ensure “a deep and healthy sleep”. The headboards are available in three different types of wood and three different designs.

Custom composition
You decide which components you want to use to compose your individual BICO box spring bed, choosing from various headboards, boxes, fabrics, feet, mattresses and toppers, tailored to your personal needs. An overview of the individual components can be found below. Choose from 34 premium fabrics for your BICO box spring bed. The fabrics are divided into three price categories based on their composition, and are used for the headboard, the box and the mattress. The prices of the components also vary depending on the material you choose.

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