6 good reasons to make (and defend) your daily power nap

March 23

Making a power nap (or not) is more a matter of cultural mind set than of individual attitude. In some countries in Asia you will meet people literally everywhere sleeping in positions you would not imagine. Unfortunately, in the Western World sleeping during daytime is still as a sign of weakness and lack of discipline.  It’s so bizarre since a nap of 20 minutes makes you stronger instantly and it has a sustainable ipopwempact on your vitality.

Here you get 6 good reasons that you should use when you debate with those who ignore the value of this source of energy: 

  1. The 20 minutes you spend is paid back in multiple ways and results in a much higher performance level after the nap. 
  1. Your ability to focus and concentrate is increasing and allows you to do intellectual work faster and better. 
  1. Making a nap every day gives a sustainable impact on your health preventing you from burn out or even more severe health problems 
  1. Learning to control your body by falling towards sleep within a minute and come back before dropping to deep sleep after 15 to 20 minutes, is a great exercise to get distance from daily stress. 
  1. It’s just great to wake-up re-vitalized twice a day with recharged batteries (if you do not even have it once, you should verify what’s wrong with your sleep during night). 
  1. Research has shown that societies where power nap is more common, accidents are happening less often in proportion to other countries – it’s a contribution to your own safety.

 So, stop caring what other people think or say about sleeping during daytime – enjoy your powernap every day and be an ambassador for power napping!

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